William Hufschmidt

William offers a safe, non-judgmental space to do the “brave, fierce and noble work of being with your feelings and your body.” His teaching style is self-exploring and patient, instilling the philosophy of “breathe and feel as much as you can in this moment.”

Since 1989, William has practiced hatha yoga and pranayama as forms of meditation and body prayer, and in 2001, he began teaching yoga full-time and practicing Thai massage. Highlights of his 20 year career include owning a successful yoga studio for 9 years in Atlanta, GA, training over 200 yoga teachers, and teaching over 15,000 hours of yoga classes throughout the US and now online. As a director for Pranakriya Yoga, he leads 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, plus 300-hour modules in Pranayama, Anatomy, Kids Anatomy, Hathapradipika, and Holding Space.

As a licensed massage therapist in Atlanta, GA, William uses yoga, breathwork, Thai massage, Structural Integration, and Table Massage as tools to help people improve their awareness so they can move with greater efficiency, possibility and strength. As a teacher, he aims to help students be curious about their body as a gateway to wholeness, growth and embodiment. “We are all capable of living a life “Fully Alive” to manifest our highest potentials – it’s just going to look different for Every Body.”

William lives in Atlanta, GA.  He will be leading Chill Yoga, Pranayama & Yoga and Flow Yoga for At Home Yoga & Well BE-ing.