New Spring Classes – 2021

Journey Dance

Transformational Dance Movement Flow leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation. This is not about learning steps, it’s about revealing, recovering and rediscovering natural intuitive movement. We activate our imaginations and utilize diverse forms of freestyle improvisational dance, yoga, ritual, theater, and shamanism to a soundtrack of inspiring world music, creating a barefoot ecstatic celebration of the human spirit. No experience needed.  All levels welcome.  Come dance!
Fridays, 11am MT
Saturdays, 10am MT (starting May 1)

Prenatal Yoga

This hatha yoga class, following the Kripalu/Pranakriya tradition, will incorporate breathing, movement and relaxation techniques that are appropriate for each stage of pregnancy. We will explore the physiological and emotional effects of pregnancy utilizing yogic principles to support each term of pregnancy preparing for laboring & delivery and postpartum recovery. This class is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. No yoga experience necessary.
Tuesdays 5pm MT
Wednesdays 1pm MT
Saturdays, 9am MT


Baby & Me

For Moms, Dads, and infant caretakers. This class will allow you to explore the benefits of yoga and while connecting with your body, gaining core strength and flexibility, and increasing your overall sense of well-being in a fun and active way with your baby. Class will be split between yoga poses and breathing with baby, and yoga for the parent/caregiver with baby nearby. Please do your best to start class with baby alert after a nap, fed, diaper changed and supplies nearby, though pausing to meet babies needs during class is a priority that is welcomed and encouraged!
Fridays, 9am MT



An evidenced-based oncology yoga class for anyone touched by cancer, including healthcare workers, caregivers, friends & family.  Yoga4Cancer can build strength and confidence, stimulate the immune system, move lymph, balance and renew the body, lower pain and stress, bring a sense of inner calm and well-being–an important aid to your body, mind & spirit in your recovery. The practice addresses side effects from treatment including bone density issues, lymphedema, restrictive scar tissue, neuropathy, fatigue, and anxiety, drawing from the latest research and professional recommendations by the Y4C team. This class includes breath work, movement and meditation. All levels welcome. Props recommended: yoga mat, minimum of two blocks (4-6 preferred), bolster or pillows, strap or belt, two folded blankets, and a sturdy side chair.
Thursdays, 12noon MT


Embody Divine Self Love

You will learn practices that will bring you into balance and harmony with the radiance that derives from your sacred feminine power. Get ready to soften and experience where your real power is and how to activate it. This is a breath and movement class no prior experience is necessary
Tuesdays, 6pm MT


Chair Yoga

Just pull up a chair and you can do yoga.  Chair Yoga ranges from gentle to more challenging.  If you are a beginner, have injuries or illness the chair is the perfect place to be.  If you are a more advanced practitioner, the chair might just surprise you – you can deepen your practice in ways you haven’t experienced.  
Poses will be seated in a chair, standing, and (optional) on the mat, all using a chair as a prop.  Chair yoga will help increase flexibility, strength, and focus while receiving the mood enhancing and stress reducing benefits of yoga.  This class will include breath-work, stretching, strengthening, meditation and relaxation.
Why are we so averse to taking support? I’ve been in so many yoga classes where people refuse to use blocks.  Instead, they over-stretch, or compromise their alignment.  Blocks lengthen our arms and legs, compensate for imbalances and restrictions, and bring the floor closer.  Using a chair does the same.  Used wisely, a chair allows you to go even deeper–opening up to greater opportunities for movement–softening into poses, rather than fighting or forcing your way through them. With support, so much more is possible!
You will need a yoga mat or safe area that is not slippery; a yoga chair, sturdy folding chair or side chair (no arms);  yoga blocks, if available; a blanket or towel; and a yoga strap or belt. 
Thursdays, 10am MT (starts May 27th)

Gentle Flow

 A slower-gentle flow yoga class suitable for all levels.  The simple, slow movements and positive intentions will clear space for the day ahead.  This class provides a nice balance to a busy day and an opportunity for mindfully deepening your practice.  You will leave class with some freedom in both your mind and body without breaking too much of a sweat.
Wednesdays, 7am MT
Fridays, 7am MT