Fania De Lugo


Ten years ago, I walked into a six am Hatha Yoga class excited for a new experience. Undoubtedly, I woke up elated — wondering how long I’d been asleep in class. My body had never felt so at ease and quickly, yoga became a staple in my life. After graduating from UC Riverside, I moved to Los Angeles for office work. My stress skyrocketed and yoga became a dependable ally. Through my local climbing gym, I found an amazing teacher and built a community of strong, like-minded people. I spent a lot of time immersed in Anusara-style yoga and trained with a radical group of humans.

In less than two years, my career transitioned to recreation and fitness instruction. I began working full-time at a gym while teaching classes and workshops. I was pregnant in 2016 and decided my focus would shift to my daughter, meditation and journaling. My personal practice provided the container necessary to restructure my inner world. As motherhood reinvented my self-image, I continued to create Wanderful Movement, an integrative health and wellness hub that merges psychology theory and yoga practice. Together, these disciplines provide us accessible tools for improving our relationships. Today, my focus is to distill the information I find and guide students in navigating the vast world of healing oneself through movement and self-awareness.