Black, Indigenous and People of Color and
LGBTQ+ Equal Access to Well Being

At Home Yoga & Well BE-ing teachers and organizers whole heartedly acknowledge that access to well being is not equal among all people.  Inequality resides in our well being spaces, structures and organizations.

Our goal is to help shift the industry and provide classes and workshops that support all individuals having access to well being.  We want to de-colonize the well being industry specifically around yoga and fitness.  

We are committed to lifelong learning and unlearning, deep humility, listening and sustained action. We acknowledge that the broader yoga and fitness community is dominated by whiteness and white supremacy, making these environments subject to racial biases. We commit to breaking down those biases.

We aim to:

  • Make our studio a place where all feel welcomed and valued;

  • We will offer a Movement for A Cause each month with the proceeds going  to a different Black, Indigenous and People of Color or LGBTQ+ organization each month;

  • Offer a donation payment option for any individual who struggles financially to take care of their well being;

  • Work to cultivate a culture of belonging for all people to include racial, sexual, gender and economic diversity.

This is a living/growing project that will be part of our journey and evolve with us.