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A Gathering of Women

Connection, Community, Practice

A Gathering of Women was created to support women who want to connect, heal and open to who they are as women and human-beings. We aim to work together to create greater balance, joy, self-esteem and a sense of purpose for ourselves and each other.

Each month we will work on self-care, identifying and changing habits, creating visions for our lives, practicing yoga and all it’s tenets on and off the mat and BE-ing here for one another. Although our virtual women’s circle will be fluid, we will practice yoga, meditation, journaling, conversation and reflection with a partner or small group and deep rest in an effort to connect to something bigger than ourselves and walk away feeling cared for.

Benefits of Gathering

  • Find compassion from women on different or similar journeys
  • Find emotional support
  • Share your highs and lows and be elevated, be seen
  • Find a place of support for life changes
  • Inspire others with your story

Note:  You can use your punchpass for this class or make a donation using the donation pass (minimum donation is $5).

Baby & Me

For Moms, Dads, and infant caretakers. This class will allow you to explore the benefits of yoga and while connecting with your body, gaining core strength and flexibility, and increasing your overall sense of well-being in a fun and active way with your baby. Class will be split between yoga poses and breathing with baby, and yoga for the parent/caregiver with baby nearby. Please do your best to start class with baby alert after a nap, fed, diaper changed and supplies nearby, though pausing to meet babies needs during class is a priority that is welcomed and encouraged!

Back to Basic Yoga - Beginner Level

In this class, which is appropriate for beginners as well as beneficial to an experienced practitioner, students will practice breath exercises, poses and meditations that are accessible to everyone. Students will build strength, stamina and learn ways to deepen their understanding of their body and breath awareness. This can translate into more mindful movements in their daily life and in other classes and activities they enjoy and deepen the experience of more advanced practitioners.


Prop suggestions:  yoga mat, blanket or two towels, 2 yoga blocks, yoga strap or tie/belt.

Beginner’s Vinyasa Flow

 The term vinyasa means  “to place in a special way,”  it is also used to describe the connection between postures as well as the connection between breath and movement. This beginner’s vinyasa or flow class will help you learn to flow through simple postures connected by the breath to work towards connecting more and more postures into a full practice.

Chill Yoga

A perfect way to end your day, this class will alternate mini shavasana (relaxation) experiences with accessible asana (posture), pranayama, and strengthening movements to help you reset your nervous system and fortify you for what lies ahead.

(You may want to consider having the following props for this class: yoga mat, yoga blanket, 2 yoga blocks, 8 foot yoga strap, yoga bolster)

Chair Yoga

Just pull up a chair and you can do yoga.  Chair Yoga ranges from gentle to more challenging.  If you are a beginner, have injuries or illness the chair is the perfect place to be.  If you are a more advanced practitioner, the chair might just surprise you – you can deepen your practice in ways you haven’t experienced.  

Poses will be seated in a chair, standing, and (optional) on the mat, all using a chair as a prop.  Chair yoga will help increase flexibility, strength, and focus while receiving the mood enhancing and stress reducing benefits of yoga.  This class will include breath-work, stretching, strengthening, meditation and relaxation.
Why are we so averse to taking support? I’ve been in so many yoga classes where people refuse to use blocks.  Instead, they over-stretch, or compromise their alignment.  Blocks lengthen our arms and legs, compensate for imbalances and restrictions, and bring the floor closer.  Using a chair does the same.  Used wisely, a chair allows you to go even deeper–opening up to greater opportunities for movement–softening into poses, rather than fighting or forcing your way through them. With support, so much more is possible!
You will need a yoga mat or safe area that is not slippery; a yoga chair, sturdy folding chair or side chair (no arms);  yoga blocks, if available; a blanket or towel; and a yoga strap or belt. 
Embody Divine Self Love

You will learn practices that will bring you into balance and harmony with the radiance that derives from your sacred feminine power. Get ready to soften and experience where your real power is and how to activate it. This is a breath and movement class no prior experience is necessary.

Express Fitness Core & More

Enjoy a short flowing yoga class using postures to build core strength, increase focus and improve balance.  Come refresh your mind, body and spirit and get ready for your week. This class is accessible to all abilities.

Express Yoga Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine gentle morning yoga is designed to wake up the body and mind for the day ahead. Flowing from one pose to the next using the breath, we’ll open hips and shoulders, stretch out the body and focus the mind, finishing with some energizing poses to lift energy levels. This class is accessible to all abilities.

Gentle Flow

A slower-gentle flow yoga class suitable for all levels.  The simple, slow movements and positive intentions will clear space for the day ahead.  This class provides a nice balance to a busy day and an opportunity for mindfully deepening your practice.  You will leave class with some freedom in both your mind and body without breaking too much of a sweat.   

Gentle Yoga

Take a gentle approach to your yoga practice. Gentle yoga shows us a way to connect with ourselves through the subtle and quiet. Expect to feel calm and relaxed after leaving this class.  

This class explores the internal nature of the poses, how they feel and heal rather than how they look. Gentle yoga emphasizes listening to ourselves and our inner wisdom/body. We will practice cultivating mindfulness as we move through postures for strength, flexibility, and balance; breathing exercises to relax and tone the nervous system; meditation; and relaxation. 

This is a wonderful class for both beginners and seasoned practitioners to learn and practice the art of slowing down. 

Students with joint replacement, injury or limited mobility may benefit from a private session before class to learn modifications; please contact us to schedule a one-on-one class.

(You may want to consider having the following props for this class:  yoga mat, yoga blanket, 2 yoga blocks, 8 foot yoga strap, yoga bolster)

Journey Dance

Transformational Dance Movement Flow leads participants on a ritual journey of physical and emotional transformation. This is not about learning steps, it’s about revealing, recovering and rediscovering natural intuitive movement. We activate our imaginations and utilize diverse forms of freestyle improvisational dance, yoga, ritual, theater, and shamanism to a soundtrack of inspiring world music, creating a barefoot ecstatic celebration of the human spirit. No experience needed.  All levels welcome.  Come dance!

Move Into Stillness

Integrate mind and body awareness through guided meditation and a movement practice. Class weaves various themes to expand and shift one’s perspective on and off the mat. Expect pranayama and evolving asana sequences.  This class is suitable for students with at least 6 months of experience.

Pilates - Mixed Level Mat

Pilates is a series of strategic movements and breathing techniques that improve flexibility, build strength and develop control in the entire body. The series of movements performed emphasize alignment, strengthening the core and improving coordination and balance. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and is great for beginners or athletes that need cross training. 

(You may want to consider having the following props for this class:  yoga or pilates mat, and space to move while lying down, standing or seated

Pranayama (Breathwork) & Yoga

Each week, this all-level class will explore breathing techniques to bring awareness to your inner experience and playful developmental movement sequences to restore your body’s ability to move with balance and grace through your life on and off the yoga mat.

(You may want to consider having the following props for this class:  yoga mat, yoga blanket, 2 yoga blocks, 8 foot yoga strap, yoga bolster)

Prenatal Yoga

This hatha yoga class, following the Kripalu/Pranakriya tradition, will incorporate breathing, movement and relaxation techniques that are appropriate for each stage of pregnancy. We will explore the physiological and emotional effects of pregnancy utilizing yogic principles to support each term of pregnancy preparing for laboring & delivery and postpartum recovery.    

This class is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy. 

No yoga experience necessary.

(You may want to have the following props for practice:  Mat or comfortable floor support, yoga bolster (or two bed pillows), large blanket, yoga strap (or bathrobe belt/necktie), 2 yoga blocks (if available) and a stable chair)

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a gentle inward form of yoga that invites students to create greater balance and aliveness in their lives.  The body is supported by props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets to allow for complete relaxation. The mind is invited to slow down with the use of pranayama (breath work), hand gestures and mantra allowing the student to turn inside and let go.  Restorative yoga is a complement to any yoga practice or other form of exercise.  It is perfect for the individual looking to experience a deep state of relaxation and rest.


This practice is accessible to all abilities. For this practice you will want to a number of yoga props:  mat, 1-2 blankets, bolster, strap, 2-3 blocks.  If you don’t have yoga props, view our No Props No Problem video on how to use items from your home instead.

Slow Flow & Breathwork

Vinyasa or flow can be defined as “moving with awareness”.  This Slow Flow class is about moving slowly and breathing, noticing and allowing. Notice the movement, stillness, the breath the body and mind’s reaction and then just allow. Each class will start with a variety of breathwork/pranayama practices followed by postures woven together to create a moving meditation. This class is suitable for students with at least 6 months of yoga experience.

(You may want to consider having the following props for this class: yoga mat, yoga blanket, 2 yoga blocks, 8 foot yoga strap, yoga bolster)


An evidenced-based oncology yoga class for anyone touched by cancer, including healthcare workers, caregivers, friends & family.  Yoga4Cancer can build strength and confidence, stimulate the immune system, move lymph, balance and renew the body, lower pain and stress, bring a sense of inner calm and well-being–an important aid to your body, mind & spirit in your recovery. The practice addresses side effects from treatment including bone density issues, lymphedema, restrictive scar tissue, neuropathy, fatigue, and anxiety, drawing from the latest research and professional recommendations by the Y4C team. This class includes breath work, movement and meditation. All levels welcome. Props recommended: yoga mat, minimum of two blocks (4-6 preferred), bolster or pillows, strap or belt, two folded blankets, and a sturdy side chair.

Yoga Basics Training - Intermediate Level

This 60-minute yoga practice will be informative and transformative for the student with at least 6 months of yoga practice although all are welcome. Class will begin with centering, transition to warm-ups to prepare your body for the asanas (poses) and pranayamas (breath practices) that follow. 

There is ample time for truly teaching poses from the ground up with excellent alignment cuing for proper joint stabilization and muscle engagement. Through our yoga practice we strengthen our body and strengthen our witness so that we can safely raise our energy in an effort to transform, heal and recognize our wholeness.

(You may want to consider having the following props for this class:  yoga mat, yoga blanket, 2 yoga blocks)

Yoga Workout/Vinyasa

Yoga Workout is a moderately paced energizing practice with an emphasis on awareness of the breath and awareness of sensations in the body. It uses a combination of breath work, strength building postures, flowing movement and meditation. Prior yoga experience is suggested to lay the foundation for breath work (pranayama) and the postures. 

This class is appropriate for experienced students without injuries, or for students who have the awareness to protect themselves if injured.

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