By Angela Andiorio, B.S.

Feeling grateful to have the honor of teaching women who are on their childbearing journey. Spent class today listening to my student’s questions about how to be prepared for labor and sharing yoga techniques and tips to use during laboring at home. Hip squeezes, birth plans and being an advocate, oh my! 

One of the most useful tools is an exercise ball. You may already have one or perhaps you can borrow one from someone you know. This is a must-have for those last few weeks/months when it is uncomfortable to sit down. The ball will conform to the shape of your pelvis.  You can sit on it and rock side to side or in circles to relieve hip and pelvis discomfort. Also doubles up as a great prop for supported child’s pose (you can kneel and relax your head, chest and arms over it).  

Ending with a sweet testimonial from one of my students who came to my prenatal and postnatal classes! Now her little babe is walking, expressing herself and almost ready to start my Tinkergarten classes!  So much fun to see the cycle of life unfold!  

“Angela led me through prenatal yoga throughout my entire pregnancy. Her courses were a high point in my week, even—and especially—when I was experiencing stress or discomfort. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and offered ways for me to make modifications in other yoga courses as well. I also took a partner prenatal workshop with Angela, and she offered me and my partner useful strategies that helped us both feel more prepared. I highly recommend Angela’s classes or private lessons, particularly for pre- and post-natal practice. “

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