At Home Yoga & Well BE-ing Studio

Live, online yoga, fitness & wellness classes in the comfort of your home.

At Home Yoga & Well BE-ing Studio

Live, online yoga, fitness & wellness classes in the comfort of your home.

At Home Yoga & Well BE-ing Studio

Live, online yoga, fitness & wellness classes in the comfort of your home.

At Home Yoga & Well BE-ing Studio

Live, online yoga, fitness & wellness classes in the comfort of your home.

At Home Yoga & Well BE-ing Studio

Live, online yoga, fitness & wellness classes in the comfort of your home.

Instructors who see you while helping you see within yourself.

To see and be seen. That is the truest nature of love.
~ Brené Brown

Our studio uses two way video to live stream a variety of wellness classes. You see your instructor and they see you.

The new studio features a collective of accomplished instructors from around the country who each have 15+ years experience in their fields. Our teachers are highly skilled and possess the compassion, heart and dedication to help you achieve your wellness goals. They help you tune into your individual needs and find the calm or energy you seek to feel grounded and balanced. 

The variety of classes and workshops opens many opportunities for your personal growth, making it a place to land, be present and connect. See the classes we offer by clicking below. Please note that all times are in Mountain Time.

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Classes to Nourish Your Whole BE-ing

It’s YOUR Journey!

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“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul.” ~ Rumi

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Meet Your Teachers

Jacci Gruninger

Larissa Hall Carlson

Pamela Stokes Eggleston

Amy Necci

Lisa Gulotta

Stacee Johnson

Angela Andiorio

Marisa Wolfe

Stephanie Mitchell

Eric Brown

Nathan Gabor

William Hufschmidt

Jackie Chambers

Niisa Morton

At Home Yoga & Well BE-ing & Zoom Etiquette

To Create Your Best Class Experience

Remove your shoes or put them on 
Yoga and pilates are traditionally practiced in bare feet. You will find more support for fitness classes in shoes with good soles.

Cell phones, watches, clocks
This is your time to disconnect. Turn off your cell phone or anything that buzzes, beeps or makes noise (including watches). This is a great time to be tech free.

Tell your family/roommates you are busy
Let folks know that for the next period of time you will be busy taking care of yourself. Ask them to limit or refrain from interrupting you.

Listen to your body
Be respectful and follow the teacher’s sequence but also listen to your body and modify as you need. This might mean not doing a posture or a pranayama if it doesn’t work for you.

Leave your ego at the door
Yoga and well being are not a competitions. Your practice will be different every single day. Be present to your body and emotions during practice.

Don’t skip Shavasana or relaxation
The last posture of class is usually Shavasana or corpse pose. During this time the body, mind and spirit integrates the work done during class. Give yourself this gift of stillness and quiet.

It’s easy to forget to breathe in yoga or fitness. Be sure not to hold your breath during class.

Don’t eat at least 1 hour before practice
A full belly often makes for an uncomfortable yoga practice or fitness class. It inhibits your ability to breathe fully and move your body. 

Better Zooming

Arrive 5 minutes early
Even though you aren’t showing up in a brick and mortar studio, there are all kinds of things that can happen trying to get into your Zoom class. Start the process early to be ready.

Always bring your props
Have all your props nearby. You may not end up needing them, but if you do, it’s nice that they are close.

Check in with your teacher
The first 5 minutes of each class is to check in and say hello. Let your teacher know of any injuries or conditions that might affect your practice. This will allow your teacher to support your practice with modifications. If sharing in public doesn’t feel right, send your teacher a message through the Zoom chat.

Keep your video on
To be SEEN, we need to see you. Of course, it is always your choice. As instructors, we want to be able to see you to be able to support you on your well BE-ing journey.

Camera set-up
It is best to set your camera up so your teacher can see your whole body during practice. This might mean playing around with the location a few times before you get it just right.

Be patient
We hope that our classes never freeze and there aren’t any technical difficulties but we can’t guarantee there won’t be moments that aren’t just right. Often if the screen freezes you can still hear the teacher. You can always get out of Zoom and use the same link to get back in if it doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

Be social
In those first 5 minutes of class, it’s the perfect time to say hello to your friends (be sure to invite them to take class with you!) and to meet new friends. See and be seen – that is what we are driving for – a creation of online community members who recognize one another.